Is the Zero electric scooter legal in Belgium?

Yes, the scooters are standard delivered with a limit of 25km/h and fall under the same category as the 25km/h electric bike. They also have all the quality marks for use in the EU.

What insurance do I need if I want to ride an electric scooter?

Most Belgian insurance companies include this in their family policy.

Is the Zero scooter 100% deductible if I transfer the invoice to my company?

Yes, both the VAT and the purchase price are 100% recoverable.

Can I pay with bancontact?

Not at the moment, but we’ll soon provide this means of payment.

Do you also sell accessories such as helmets, bells, extra lights, phone holders, locks?

Yes, we do! You can always ask for more information when you’re purchasing a product, or simply take a look at our accessories page on our accesories page

How long does the scooter need to charge, and can it do this faster?

This depends on model to model and varies between 4 hours for the small models and 14 hours for the large models such as the 10X. An optional quick charger is available for all 52V and 60V steps, reducing charging time up to 5 hours. You can also charge the 10X and 8X with 2 standard chargers.

Where can the steps be tested before purchase?

We have a test center in the Antwerp region. Here you can try out our Demo steps.

Can I conclude a periodic maintenance contract?

Yes, we provide maintenance contracts so you can continue to drive without worries! Our maintenance contracts automatically include a replacement device in the event of warranty or larger maintenance cases.

What if I buy and pay for a scooter online?

While ordering, you have a choice between 3 different options to have your scooter delivered or picked up. If you have chosen to have your scooter delivered by bpost, we will send you a tracking code the same day (if you ordered before 12:00 noon) via email with which you can track your shipment. If you have opted for a pickup or personal delivery with information, we will contact you by phone within 24 hours to schedule it.